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2018-10-30LCD panel identification method

Nowadays, the competition in the LCD industry is getting bigger and bigger, and the level of technology is getting higher and higher. Many LCD manufacturers have improved the standards of raw materials, and some internal quality control such as producti...

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2018-10-30The obvious advantages of LCD

For CRT displays, LCD overcomes the shortcomings of CRT's bulk, power consumption and flicker, but it also brings problems such as high cost, wide viewing angle and unsatisfactory color display. However, technically, the advantages of liquid crystal dis...

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2018-10-30Select the parameters that the LCD module should pay attention to.

1. Brightness: The liquid crystal module itself is a substance that cannot emit light. It is between liquid and solid, and needs other light sources to emit light.

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2018-10-30Main features of TFT LCD

With the maturity of TFT technology in the early 1990s, color LCD flat panel displays have developed rapidly. In less than 10 years, TFT-LCD has rapidly grown into a mainstream display, which has its advantages and is inseparable. The main features are:...

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2018-10-30Production of LCD screen lithography

Lithographic printing is usually done in two ways, one is the traditional method of film photocopying; the other is a method of processing a light drawing plate with a computer.

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2018-10-30Differences between TFT screen, LED backlight and full-view IPS LCD screen

First, TFT: TFT means that a TFT (Thin Film Transistor) refers to a thin film transistor, meaning that each liquid crystal pixel is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind the pixel. It is the current one that...

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