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LCD panel identification method

Nowadays, the competition in the LCD industry is getting bigger and bigger, and the level of technology is getting higher and higher. Many LCD manufacturers have improved the standards of raw materials, and some internal quality control such as production and inspection has been strengthened. The frequency of occurrence of bad points has also been greatly reduced.

Now it is relatively simple to detect the occurrence of dead pixels on the display screen. You only need to adjust the brightness and contrast of the LCD screen to a large value (the screen will be highlighted when the value is large) or a small value (the screen will be small when the value is small). Show all black), at this time, how many bright spots or how many dark spots will be displayed on the screen.

If the number of these bad points does not exceed the specified standard range, even one or more bad points are normal. But it is best not to be lower than the standard of the A-class panel.