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Continental panel factory strengthens research and development of oxide TFT technology

At FPD China 2015 in Shanghai, as one of the representative manufacturers, Tianma has displayed a variety of high-definition LCD and AMOLED panels, high-resolution NB panels for 2-in-1 tablet computers, as well as industrial control, automotive and High-end panels for medical applications.

Tianma said that although the above-mentioned large-size applications do not have much demand, the gross profit is quite high. Therefore, although Tianma is mainly focused on small and medium-sized panels, it will focus on developing such products.

The rapid expansion of the 8.5-generation line capacity of mainland manufacturers and Korean manufacturers in mainland China has also caused concern about the oversupply of large-size panels in the future. Therefore, mainland panel manufacturers are also actively developing high-end panel technology, aiming to achieve high resolution and high color saturation. Other characteristics, to create a larger size and high-end TV market demand.

At present, the focus of the development of large-size next-generation TFT technology in the mainland is focused on emerging technologies such as Oxide TFT and printed AMOLED processes. According to the authoritative organization DIGITIMES Research, it is considered that the life of blue-light AMOLED materials suitable for printing process is not enough to be put into commercial use, and the stability of oxide TFT technology of materials such as IGZO needs to be strengthened. Continental panel manufacturers are in the field of large-scale emerging technologies. Mass production still takes a while.